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Welcome to our Connecting Sites Directory! Welcome to our Connecting Sites Directory!
By now, you know the importance of utilizing a human reviewed directory.
After all, human reviewed directories are able to access the quality of listing,
provide a better user experience and receive higher search engine favoritism.
However, you may be wondering how to choose the best directory.
In this article, we'll tell you how.

1. First of all, you should evaluate the site in terms of user experience. For
instance, is it clean, professional, have relevant content? Are the listings well
written and on point? Does the listings provide users with valuable information
or is it hazardously thrown together? Unfortunately, anyone can purchase a
script and throw up a directory but only qualified and competent webmasters take
the time to ensure that they're run properly.

2. Second, is the directory highly marketed? For instance, is it a directory whose
owner does a lot of advertising? Can the directory be found in the search
engines for its targeted keywords?

3. Third, evaluate its PR ranking. PR is a good indicator of how the big 'G'
evaluates the relevancy of the site. Therefore, a site that has a PR of 2 or 3
is definitely better than one that has a 0. In my opinion, you should only submit
to a directory that has a PR. This can be done by visiting www.checkpr.com,
www.prchecker.info or www.checkpagerank.com

4. Fourth, check the article directory's Alexa rating. Alexa is an independent
source that evaluates sites in terms of traffic. Although it isn't perfect, it can
provide you with a benchmark of how much traffic the directory receives.
After all, the more traffic it receives the better exposure your site will get
and the more traffic you?ll receive.

5. Fifth, check to see how many pages are indexed. This can be done by visiting
the major search engines and seeing how many pages appear. For instance,
a site that has 1000 sites but only 10 of these are indexed and PR rich
sites wouldn?t be as good as one that has 1000 sites and 400 indexed and with PR.

6. Last but not least, you?ll need to see how many backlinks the directory has.
Again, the more link partners the directory has, the better. To determine
this, you should visit www.marketleap.com or www.domain-pop.com.

In conclusion, it takes a bit of work to choose the best human reviewed directories
but by taking the extra step you?ll be able to weed out the undesirable
directories and only submit your site to highl quality and well ranked,
and effectively marketed directories to maximize your exposure.

Tatiana Velitchkov